The Iranian nuclear deal has been a bone of contention between the Iranian regime and the Trump administration. President Trump had it as one of his priority to renegotiate the deal on his assumption of office. He argued that the current deal has loose ends that Iran are exploiting to continue their ambitious pursued of becoming a nuclear power.

Mr. Trump, breakout speech on May 8, 2020, labeled the state of Iran as the chief sponsors of vicious terrorist networks like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban. He also alleged that the state has mastermind coordinated attacks on US embassies, military, installations, as well as kidnapping and torture of American citizens.

The deal which was known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was supposed to protect the US and her allies by placing a cap on Iranian military budget, and a drastic reduction in their huge concentration of Uranium chemical compound to ensure Iran doesn’t achieve her ambition of becoming a nuclear power.

President Trump argued that in spite of the cap on Iran’s military budget, the state has device other means of over funding their pursued and since the deal didn’t include specific clauses that totally force the hand of the state of Iran to abandon it quest, president Hassan Rhouhani’s regime is exploiting loopholes in the deal.

The argument is that if Iran becomes a nuclear power, her neighbors will be threatened and that will spark an obsession across the region for each country to discover their own nuclear weapons for the purpose of internal security.

If Biden’s comments from his campaigns rally which criticized president Trump for walking away from the negotiating table, and recent reports from the media are anything to go by, then the US is set to be dragged back into the deal by the incoming US administration, but this time, Iran has prevailed with their resolved of not backing down and the US will be assuming a weaker position on the negotiation table.