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If Mohammed Ali brought glam and spice to heavyweight boxing, Mike Tyson added ruthlessness to the division.

Like over-pampered kids that are used to full-course meals, the appetites of boxing fans have been trained to crave for thrilling and peak performances only. Up until now, the division has been tag by many as boring. Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko conservative’s approaches to boxing further make the sport suffer years, considering the length at which the two brothers controlled the division.

The emergence of Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder, returned competitiveness and rivalry to the division. Creating raves of excitement and anticipation amongst boxing fans.

The first fight between Fury and Tyson on December 1, 2018, was expected to be a defining moment on who will control the future of the division but disappointingly the fight ended in a stalemate. The highly-publicized duel generated buzz in the boxing world. But the split decision of 115 –111, 112–114, 113–113 left many fans disappointed in the underwhelming contest.

Fans of boxing are highly anticipating the forthcoming rematch between the two boxers on the 22 of February 2020, seen by many as an opportunity for the pair to redeem themselves from the underwhelming performance they're put up last time.

The fight will be happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, United States of America.