ReachOut Nigeria is just around the corner. I want to encourage everyone to be a vital part of it. You never know whose life you are transforming through your seed. There might be someone out there who really wants and desires this book. There might be someone who is looking for a way to come into the light.

I was born in a Moslem home and my dad was a very strict man. He didn’t let us mingle with people around us, especially Christians. He restricted us from so many things.

One fateful day, I was walking along the street beside my street and I found a book on the ground. I picked it up, put it under my Hijab and went home with it. I found myself hiding to read this book because I didn’t want anybody to catch me reading it, especially my dad.

So, in the process of reading this book, I discovered that it was a daily study book and I started reading it every day. I took the daily confessions and prayers, and gradually, I started noticing a difference in me. Everything about me changed. My life was refreshed, and I experienced God in a different way. I now knew I had come into the light. But there was one thing bothering me. The book was getting to the end. I didn’t know who dropped it on the road so I started wondering where I would get another one.

One day, a friend of mine called Ogechi came to my house to greet me. Afterwards, she told me she wanted to take me somewhere. I was surprised because she didn’t tell me where we were going. When we stepped outside, my friend then told me that she was taking me to a church! I was like, “Why didn’t you tell me inside the house?’’ She said she didn’t want my family members to know where she was taking me to.

So, we went. On getting to the church, lo and behold, it was a Christ Embassy Church!
We settle in quickly and participated in the service. Afterwards, an altar call was made.  I came out and gave my life to Christ, Glory to God!

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