Healing School Autumn Session 2019 Concludes with Proclamation of Blessings Healing School

Pastor Chris leads some to Christ, welcomes honored guests and youth delegates as Autumn Session concludes.

Following the glorious celebration of miracles, the man of God, Pastor Chris, exhorted the students who were ministered to, on the significance of the resurrection of Jesus in the life of a Christian and led them in faith-filled affirmations of divine health realities. 

Pastor Chris welcomes youth delegates from 160 nations to the International Easter Youth Camp.

In a colorful array of national flags, the man of God, Pastor Chris, warmly welcomed youth present from 160 countries to the International Easter Youth Camp. Several distinguished guests in attendance were also recognized and appreciated by the man of God. 

The LoveWorld President appreciates partners and staff of the Healing School.

Thereafter, Pastor Chris led some in a prayer of salvation and heartily thanked the Pastors, partners, staff and officials of the Healing School for a great job done throughout the session. Words of blessings were released on the congregants as the service came to a close. 

Miracle baby at third healing service of Autumn Session.

Indeed, the 2019 Healing School Autumn Session has birthed testimonies that will continue to resound in the earth — testimonies of joy, healing, salvation and restoration. The Healing School continues to reach billions around the world with the news of God’s healing power.  


Watch out for the next Healing School Session by visiting www.enterthehealingschool.org and continue partnering with the Healing School in taking healing to the nations.