September 25, 2023

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Luke 6:38 NIV

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

You must have come across the word partnership in the context of depositing resources to an organization to enable effective service operations of the organization but what really is the partnership?

Before we go ahead, we have to establish the truth that God is the greatest King and as such, He blesses without restriction. He’s the enabler of all resources one could ever have. He’s the owner of more than enough/abundance and he controls all healthy affairs in the finance chords. I mean, He created everything between heaven and earth and plants million-dollar ideas in the hearts of men. Beyond that, He is a True Lover and that’s where I am going.

Let me give a little illustration, Daniella is a tailor who makes a lot of outfits for her clients. After she’s done producing a client’s order, she uses the scrap fabrics from the original production to make an outfit for a child. She does this often and gifts it to children in her street and teaches them to say "thank you". One day, she was walking to get something when  a kid ran to her with a picture to show her. The child had taken a picture of herself in the outfit tailor Daniella made for her. The child said ‘I thought to give you this to post on your business page as an advert’.


Put yourself in tailor Daniella’s shoes. Feel the warmness that her heart felt, the magnitude of love and appreciation that she must have poured on the young child. I can tell, you are already having better plans for the young girl as tailor Daniella had. Daniella was so happy. The little girl’s effort warmed her heart. She hugged this child and made many more outfits for her and as she kept bringing pictures to her, she became so fond and intentional about the girl, she singled the child out to be her children wear model thereby putting her on a payroll

Partnership is one way to warm God’s heart. It’s one opportunity to show God's care. Imagine how God must feel to know that his child is wholeheartedly cascading his agenda with the resources in possession.


This is no cooked up tale.

- Partnership is an investment: I bet you that no other investment plan can beat this one. Amazingly, this is the secret comfort place for entrepreneurs.

- It is going beyond the exercise of saying thank you (paying your tithe): when you say thank you, you show gratefulness and acknowledgment of God’s strength with your partnership.

- It is insurance: it is an insurance that covers all aspect of life and as it gets intense, it extends to the coming generations

- It is the key to hard doors: it grants you easy access to achievements that takes time and hard work to achieve.

- It is the premium card to chart the course of your life the way you want it.

- It is gaining access to God’s game room: yes, this is amazing because in partnering, God opens the game room for you to beat him to the giving game.

- It puts you in the faith Hall of Fame: backing the sixth point, with partnership, you have to move by faith. Without faith, you can’t effectively play this game.

- In conclusion, Partnership is inviting God’s hands into your life literally. It is the shortcut to the blessings you desire. It brings down unlimited rain of God’s blessing. It is riding on God’s aircraft in First-class. It is calling for God’s fondness.

Get in the game, go to the partnership slide on the home page, and start this much-talked-about journey. Let the cash go out and be sure to cash out massively.

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