August 29, 2023

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Let’s ask questions today shall we?

What are you doing? Are you still praying for a big hit? What actions are you taking about that dream? What length have you gone to make that dream business a reality? How many ticks have you made on that list? Have you even made a list of the goals you want to achieve yet? Where are your short term goals that build a base for your long-term goals? How is your intentionality to the dream life you desire affecting your interests? What inquiries are you making? Is your million-dollar idea penned already? Has your strategy received a launch yet? What steps have you taken to harness that idea, that talent? How often are you praying? How much investment are you putting in? (Investment of time, prayer, sacrifices) Are you studying about it? Are you praying about it? Are you practicing it? Are you saying it? Are you talking about it? Are you seeing it? Are you living for its cause? is it a blazing passion? Do you forget about it?

Remember, that achievement will not fall from heaven. God will only bless or answer a request that is backed by (faith) actions. Promotion only ensues from examined endeavors.

Psalms 90:17(NIV) says that God will establish the work of our hands. This simply means that God is waiting for your works, your efforts, your effort of preparation. Opportunities will only be valuable to you when you’ve started it already. You can have a 20 million dollar potential Idea which will remain an idea if you don’t take steps to actualize it. Zero efforts neutralize tremendous potentials.

So take an action today; write that idea down, read up about that project, enquire about that class, make attempts to sign up for that course, get aligned, pray fervently and consistently about it, dust off your fuel engine, and get the passion for that job description re-ignited. Become more intentional, make the effort, project your ideas to mentors, and project your thoughts in the comment section too.

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