April 04, 2022

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I think that there is something Sandra is saying here that maybe we should look at, Sandra says I believe that Jesus Chris redeemed us from the curse and from all pains, she seems to be referring not necessarily to the curse of the law, you know, and she must mean the curse in Genesis that had to do with the woman having difficulty in child bearing, so you were referring to the curse of the law, that Christians were not redeemed from the curse of the law and you are right because Christians were never under the law, so they couldn’t have been redeemed from the curse of the law, but she is referring to the curse in Genesis that had to do with child bearing but you are saying that she shallbe saved in child bearing, so that Christians are not supposed to go through difficulties, pains in giving birth.

Well, I don’t know whether any of us here can actually explain what kind of difficulties they have in child birth, because I would have like to ask that what kind of pains are they talking about, I think I would like to ask a lady, so erm… because sometimes, there are some pains that are a blessing in disguise because the bible says when a woman goes through labour pain and eventually gives birth, she forgets all that pain for joy that the child is born and does it again, thank you, especially those of them, they’ve got a lot of children you know, so how much pain is terrible, how much pain is a problem, you see, so, I know that there are those who would expect that but hey just give birth like if you would just exhaled, you know, and that was all, well, I said I would have preferred if I had ladies on the set to discuss that one, so I would leave that for another day, but certainly I must say this to you as a child of God, there isn’t anything that should be for you like a curse, like should become traumatic, because some actually have real trauma in child bearing, it shouldn’t be, there may be some discomfort but where it gets to something really killing you, so much so when the child is out, you say what, what kind of a baby is this? You almost killed me, and then you’re not so happy with that child. I don’t think it should get that far or that bad. Okay, well, thank you very much for your beautiful questions; we look forward to addressing more of them again. Hallelujah to Jesus

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