Jesus said to us, as you go, heal the sick. He didn’t say pray to me that I might heal the sick, He said, you! Heal the sick. He didn’t say pray to me that I might heal the sick.
He said to you! Cast out demons. You! Raise the dead.
How do we give Him glory?
You give Him glory by saying Jesus is wonderful, He’s done this, Jesus is good, He’s done it all.
You glorify Him by giving Him credits for the work, so when others see the goodness of God in your life and how God is leading you and blessing you with wonderful things in your life, that’s how He gets the glory, He gets the glory for the good things that happen to you, because people say, God is good, look what He did.

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  • patticia 1 month ago

    Bless God!i am so happy to be a part of the family of loveworld ministry,and being a child of my spiritual father papa Chris,because of him i have been i have drawn closer to God by his teachings and preaching,im so happy and excited to win souls for God.i love the lord jesus.