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Brother Morgan Laku, presently a member of Christ Embassy Juba 1- South Sudan, was abandoned in the hospital due to an illness that affected the coordination of his body making him unable to move or talk. With doctors unable to diagnose his case, the members of his family started leaving him one by one until even his father abandoned him due to ever increasing expenses. One day, as he was lying in the hospital bed, a program Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris aired on SSTV (South Sudan Television). Pastor said “I want to pray for you and you will be healed of that infirmity”, he believed and closed his eyes for the prayer. That night something strange happened to him that caused his body to shake so strong that those in the same ward in hospital thought he was dying, they called the doctor who injected him with a drug to sleep but when he woke up, he was perfectly well and knew it was because of the prayer. He immediately looked for Christ Embassy and joined the church. His testimony has brought those who knew him to Christ and added to the congregation of the Church. Glory to God!!! You can make a miracle happen for someone today, simply by Sponsoring Transmission of our TV programs around the world. To participate, kindly click http://www.loveworldtelevisionministry.org/giving/


On the 27th of March, I was involved in a ghastly motor accident that left me in pains and with a broken femur. I could not walk or move from one place to another without being aided. I never imagined that I would walk again, but I was wrong. On a faithful Sunday, as I watched Pastor Chris on Super screen in Lagos Nigeria, he gave a word of knowledge concerning someone who was involved in an accident and had a broken bone. Immediately I received strength in my bones, I was prompted to stand up, so I did but staggered as I took a step, I took more steps, this time with boldness, and there was no more pain. I walked around the house unaided. It’s a miracle! The broken bone has been miraculously joined together without surgery. Praise God! Now I can go anywhere I want to go on my own. I am healed! Completely healed! Hallelujah! (Mr D, Lagos-Nigeria) Remember to click the icon on the upper right of this post (…), click on the follow button and subscribe to our notifications. God Bless you!!! #PastorChrisontveverywhere


Ijeoma, suffering from an ailment that defied medical treatment for 5 years, came in contact with the Television ministry of the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, in the month April 2013 on AIT, Nigeria. Today, her story is different! Through the TV ministry of Pastor Chris, this discomfort of 5 years was dealt with by the spoken word of God. Here is her story: In May 2008, I felt a crawling sensation on my left leg. It continued with discomfort and intense pains. The lab tests revealed nothing. I was in despair and in need of help. In April 2013, I heard about the broadcast on AIT and made up my mind to receive my healing. As Pastor Chris prayed for the viewers at home, I stretched forth my hand towards the television and received every word of prayer uttered. Afterwards, I felt a cooling sensation on my left leg as though something left my body. As the days went by, I could not feel the crawling sensations anymore. I am now healed! I thank you Pastor Chris! God bless you. (Ijeoma, Nigeria) To share your testimony kindly send an email to info@loveworldtelevisionministry.org Kindly like and re-share this post to inspire someone to receive a miracle today! #PastorChrisontveverywhere


Mr. Ayo, formerly a Muslim, was faced with diverse challenges and not knowing what to do. He felt confused on how to solve life's issues. In his bid to put aside all his troubles, he decided to sit by the TV on this particular day and stumbled upon Pastor Chris' Teaching. Moved by the word of God that he heard from our dear Man of God, he called the LoveWorld Television Ministry prayer line displayed on the TV screen. He was prayed for and counseled by our call counselors. Mr. Ayo was led Christ and received salvation. Glory to God, he is now born again and living a stress free life in Christ Jesus.


Mr. Suleman came across the Teaching Ministry of Pastor Chris via TV and today he testifies of his new birth in Christ. He has been convicted into the kingdom of God and now the host of Heaven rejoices over Mr Suleiman who has given his heart to the Lord. Glory to God! .

I have been really blessed by Pastor's enlightenment on rapture, it’s a new knowledge added to the little I have had about it”. This was the testimony of Mr. Kingsley Osifo from Lagos, Nigeria when he called one of our Call Centre lines during our airing of the Monthly Global Classroom Simulcast – August Edition.
My life has been transformed forever as a result of this program on AIT. Thank you Pastor". These were the words of Joseph Kiffa from Nassarawa, Nigeria after watching The August Edition of our Monthly Global Classroom on the AIT Network.


Mr Udeme rejoices at the great impact of Pastor Chris Teaching in His Life through TV. He testifies that ever since he started watching Pastor Chris on TV, his hunger for God's word has increased drastically. He is rest assured that as he continually stays focused on God's word; there would be a complete turnaround for him. Halleluyah!
I am a Business man based in Benue State, Nigeria and my business takes me from my domicile in Benue State quite often. On one occasion, as I travelled from Benue to Lagos to buy goods, I became bedridden in a hospital in Lagos due to complications resulting from the diagnosed ailment.
While in the hospital bed one day, my attention was drawn to the TV set and Pastor Chris was ministering on Super Screen. As I heard those words from Pastor Chris; that I could determine the course of my life and that I could speak to sickness and infirmities to go and they would go in Jesus name; immediately, faith and strength welled up in me. As I spoke to my body, I jumped out of my bed and all symptoms left.
Now I am totally healed and discharged from the Hospital. I have also travelled back home to my base and I’m now strengthened to continue my business. Halleluyah! Thank you Pastor Chris for the broadcast.
- Joseph Igoh.
In the month of April this year 2014, one fateful day, my mind began to flood with numerous thoughts. I paced back and forth and was really disturbed. I had no peace, and fear gripped my heart. I was a member of a diabolic cult also and had so many charms to protect me, but I was still living in fear. I started searching the TV channels to dispel my fear and I stumbled on Pastor Chris’ teaching on Super Screen, Lagos, Nigeria. As I listened to him, I was suddenly drawn to give my life to Christ as he led us in prayer after the telecast. I was moved to take all the charms out of my house and throw them away. Today, I have peace that passes all understanding. I am confident to go wherever I want to. I have lost all my fears. I called the number displayed on the screen and the counsellor on the phone sent me the address of a Christ Embassy Church, which I now attend and am actively involved in. Thank you Pastor Chris for the broadcast. Praise God.
- Testifiers Identity Withheld.
For five years I battled with Haemorrhoids – pile. I was place on several medications, including the use of traditional medicine, all to no avail. My condition grew worse by the day. After many years of pain, discomfort and inability to take care of my family, I received a text message on my phone to watch Pastor Chris on AIT. I know God had positioned me to receive my healing. During the program – Atmosphere for Faith, I was charged up with faith to receive my healing and as Pastor Chris prayed for the viewers, I felt a relief and knew I had been healed. Now I’m free of the discomfort. Free of the pain and free to take care of my family. I have been completely healed. No more pile! Praise God.
- Testifiers Identity Withheld.
INCREASED HUNGER OF GOD'S WORD Mr Udeme rejoices at the great impact of Pastor Chris Teaching in His Life through TV. He testifies that ever since he started watching Pastor Chris on TV, his hunger for God's word has increased drastically. He is rest assured that as he continually stays focused on God's word; there would be a complete turnaround for him. Halleluyah!
- Wilfred (South Africa)
I had a severe headache on the left side of my head and when I switched on my television, I heard Pastor Chris saying there was someone with an ache on the left side of the head. He said "be healed" and the pain miraculously went away. Thank Jesus for healing me.
- W.T Bvumbe (Zimbabwe)
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