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Partner with LoveWorld Televison Ministry.

Partnership is a strategic alliance or relationship in which two or more people pull money, skills and other resources. In partnership, individuals co-labor to achieve common goals. Partners are committed to a cause and share in the vision of partnership. All partnership is based on mutual understanding and obligation.

Partnership isn't just a one-time event. It's a growing, thriving commitment where we share in the benefits promised to us when we come together and spread the cause of Christ and further His Kingdom on earth. In partnering with us, you'll be distinguishing yourself as someone committed to the ministry of our Man of God – Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, PhD. and one who shares its vision in taking the divine presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people of the world and demonstrating the character of His Spirit.

LTM partners are passionately addicted to sponsoring our flagship programs – Atmosphere for Miracles, Atmosphere for Faith & Pastor Chris Teaching - on TV stations around the world and broadcasting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to millions. Presently, we are airing in all the continents of the world on over 390 television stations, and we are still counting. All this was made possible through our vast network of partners around the world.

Millions around the world are experiencing the awesomeness of the power of God right in their homes as the presence of the Holy Spirit is transmitted through their television screen. Also, many have been saved and brought into their inheritance in Christ as we air programs by our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

God's number one business:

Partnership gives you the opportunity to participate in God's number one business which is soul winning; ensuring the gospel reaches all nook & crannies; and the uttermost parts of the earth.

Influencing and affecting lives

Through partnership with LTM, you are influencing and affecting lives in places where you can't physically be present with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

Give hope to the hopeless

A partner gives hope to the hopeless via our flagship programs – Atmosphere for Miracles, Atmosphere for Faith & Pastor Chris Teaching.

Healing minister

A partner is a healing minister, taking God's healing presence directly to homes

Take part in evangelism

Partnership is an opportunity to take part in evangelism even in today's ever busy world; therefore making it easy to reach others with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with our finances

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