I declare that every fibre of my being is energized and infused with miracle-working ability. I’m strengthened and invigorated by the Holy Spirit in my inner man, thereby competent for any task. I’m conscious of,
and function with His divine power that works in me!
I’m yielded to the ministry of the Word of God in my life. I’m the seed of Abraham, blessed to be a blessing, and I prosper by the Word, in the Name of
Jesus. Amen.

✍️ The prayer we do on this platform is supposed to serve as a Launchpad for you to do your own prayer by yourself. It shouldn’t be the only times you pray, because it’s not enough, you have to pray more on your own.

✍️ Continue and persist in prayer, don’t get tired, until the desired result is achieved.

✍️ The kind of impact you want to make in the spiritual realm, will be determined by how much seriousness you put into prayer.

✍️ Be intentional, plan your prayer life.

✍️ On this earth we are reigning through Jesus Christ, because He is not physically present on earth, but His presence is felt through the Holy ghost.

✍️ In the millennial reign, we will reign with Him because he will be on the Earth.

✍️ In a world of over 7 billion people, you should be happy that you even have a name to be identified with.

✍️ be humble, don’t hate people.

✍️ Don’t let Satan fill you with pride

LoveWorld TV Ministry web👇

Your Loveworld Special with Pastor Chris Season 2 Phase 4 Day 4

LoveWorld TV Ministry web👇

Your Loveworld Special with Pastor Chris Season 2 Phase 4 Day 4

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  • Paulus Shapaka 1 year ago

    Blessings saints, send me ipdate

  • Nwoha 1 year ago

    Great time of refreshing in God’s presence.

  • Chuzfred 1 year ago

    This is awesome…!!!
    It strengthens my spirit…!!!
    It’s imdeed soul lifting..!!!
    God bless you richly…!!!

  • Favour Abigail oboba 1 year ago

    Pastor CHRIS you are a blessing to the Nation God bless you sir keep up the good work of faith

  • Man of God i pray for new job by God’s grace

  • The HolyGhost Refreshing Ministry 1 year ago

    Glorious ministration befitting our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! Tarrytownny

  • The HolyGhost Refreshing Ministry 1 year ago

    Praying now #Yourloveworld The church is a winner forever. Glory!!!