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  • Emmanuel Onos 5 years ago

    If Jesus can pray, who are u not to follow his steps.?

  • as the dear panted for the water’s brook so my soul longeth after you

  • Bobga 5 years ago

    Thank you Pastor Sir
    Prayer is the Master Key !!!!

  • eniola alabi 5 years ago

    So glad to be here…

  • Everlyne 5 years ago

    My name is Everlyne Nduta from Nairobi Kenya , am sending this mail for prayers request.Am married and i have two sons, we are surrounded with people who practice witchcraft and have tried to harm us. we work and so mostly we don’t know where our money go, we cant finish any project we do start,mostly we don’t get paid on the jobs we do, closing down businesses, right now i got an opportunity of going to Canada this October, but i don’t have money, friend’s and relatives don’t want to see us of whom we always help, i know i have been prayerful , my son was asking me “mum how comes i pray, i read and revise a lot in school but am always failing in exams?” am praying for him, my husband don’t go church, if i tell him lets pray his mood changes he is no longer interested. am worried about my family because i do love them so much, please help me with prayers