1. Change your words and change your world – proverb 18 vs 21
Death and life are in the tongues because words kill or give life, so choose

2. Your knowledge of God’s word is key – 2nd Cor vs 17 says if any be in christ He is a new creature.
You need to apply the principle of being in Christ if you don’t understand God’s word you are limited.
Study to show yourself approved

3. Your Character – Is important to know how God sees you, because your character can limit you in meeting your full potential.
Don’t let the circumstances of this world change you build your character.
Kings don’t stammer even if you are born a stammerer they are thought not not stammer. When you look into God’s word you will know what to do
at every given time. Don’t be a snake or a liar, Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

4. The principle upon which you build your life. Be known for something
Don’t be unstable. The word of God helps you refrain your feet from every evil ways.
Success is not the numbers of houses, clothes or cars you have. Success is the deposit of your personality

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