God’s nature is love. Jesus is not the son of love – the Love son. The kingdom of God is everywhere but its not manifested everywhere, it covers everywhere, in other words you can be in the Kingdom of God from anywhere it is something spiritual when you are brought in, now the kingdom of heaven on the other end is the establishment of the kingdom of God in the earth, even though its synonymously used in the scripture there is a difference. Papa God is the head of the kingdom of God but the kingdom of heaven is headed by Jesus the son of the living God

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  • Owen Omondi Odhiambo 4 months ago

    Blessed by the word

  • wish to rceive Rhaposody of Realitities have missed it for two months,send me bill for it, thank you,& God Bless. Wish I continued to receive your ministry on Cable. If there a channel please let me know!