Today declare, as I study and meditate on the scriptures, I exchange every thought that is not consistent with my identity in Christ.
Negative thoughts can’t stay in my mind, my mind is always brimming with thoughts of joy, love, righteousness, peace, and kindness.

I’m a victor in Christ Jesus. All things are working together for my good, for my faith-filled words are producing great results everywhere I go. The One who lives in me is greater than he that lives in the world! I am getting stronger by the day. Every cell of my blood, every bone of my body and every fibre of my being is energized by the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. I refuse to struggle in life. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places and I have a goodly heritage. All the things are walking for my good! I do not look at visible things that are temporal but I keep my gaze fixed on Jesus the author and perfecter of my faith, I affirmed that I walk by faith and not by sight, glory to God.

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