We are talking about the nations of the world and all the things we are doing all over the world. God said to me “I have given you the nations of the world” that’s what he said. I didn’t tell him to say it, I didn’t ask Him to but He choose to say it.
That world is what’s taking us to the nations of the world, that’s the world that has brought people from all nations to us. I told my friends, I said people are going to come from all over the world, that’s what God said, they didn’t know how big the world was, I didn’t know how big the world was either, at that time I didnt even have a passport.
I said God said so, that’s what He said, but there’s no human way of making it happen.
God had His purpose clear, He had His plans, He had His vision, He had the things He wanted us to accomplish. Each one of us is placed in a certain position for God’s purpose and timing.
He told me this not because I wanted it, I can’t help it, I’m not doing it voluntarily, I can’t help it, it just had to happen.

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  • Dorcas 1 year ago

    Powerful messags full of miracles God bless Him servant of God .

  • Thank you!!!Where can I buy the full message I have been looking for it!!!

  • God told me Pastor Chris is a copy of him, God walks up to Pastor Chris, shakes his hands, he said, hi sir, and he looks at me, as Pastor Chris sits on the bench with this blue suit that he had on, it was the last thing that I saw on a video, that Pastor Chris was teaching from, he was teaching about being a new creature, a new breed, how we pass from death to life. That we have arise over this worldly spirit, yes Pastor Chris is worth hearing, God let me to know, this great man of God is his copy, he just like him, he act like him, he look like him, he dress spiritual like him, got his armour and sword, and new creature have a renew mind.

  • katushabe molly 1 year ago

    I like this its powerful

  • Fortunate 1 year ago

    I thank God for loving us, in such a way that He fulfilled His purpose in our lives. In times like the this, we need true, apostles, prophet, teacher and pastor like you, man of God, you are real man of God. Thank you Lord Jesus, You made it to happen.

  • Ozieh Fortune Awele 1 year ago

    Thanks so much pastor sir, powerful messages