Jesus had a focus and His focus to fulfill the father’s will, the father gave him a job and that was His satisfaction, that was His fulfillment, what gives you joy? if you haven’t found the things you are looking for will you still be joyful? just because you are looking for something you haven’t found, Will you still be joyful, your joy should be in the things that the Father asked you to do. That’s what you work for, you have to determine to be an Inspiring leader, inspiring. Listen whether you know it or not you are a role model, Jesus set you to be a role model. He told you, you are the light of the world, whether you like it or not, you are supposed to be. The question is, how are you doing it? if all they are seeing in you is just your golden hair or your silver hair if that’s all that’s inspiring about you. That’s not good enough, I’m motivated by the move of the Spirit of God in your life, the wisdom of God that’s flowing out of you.

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