I thank God I didn’t start on a platform like this, I didn’t start on the pulpit, for those of you in the UK I just told you about the meeting I had, one hundred people but I knew I was going for the largest auditorium, I knew that was the way. When I went to South Africa, I asked can I get a hall for five thousand people, so they got me five thousand, day one, almost full, day two, about full, day 3 full, day 4, police came because people were climbing the building and by the 3rd day the tennis court was filled with people, two large overflows, there was not supposed to be overflows, there couldn’t believe what they saw, so when they came on the fourth day and they saw outside full, everywhere full, they came to check inside, full, and then people are still coming, they came to beg me, that I should not have day five, I was not known there, it is the Spirit that quickeneth.

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