When am talking about what is going on in the united states am not talking politics.
If you have some political leanings about Democrats or Republic then you are in the flesh.
There is no democrat or republican in Christ what controls our thinking is the word of God. If you are in a political party and they are doing what is not right, try to correct it.
Your opinions should be guided by the word of God not by the news media or circumstances around you. The Bible says “they that are in the flesh cannot please GOD”.
I communicate to you what the word of God is telling us. We can’t be in the same ministry and come up with different opinions. If you have contrary views, it’s important to come to us and straighten your opinions, don’t go to any media house or social media to counter the word of God that we share with you because we are being guided by God’s word.
We receive God’s word by faith as the Bible says,  “be ye of one mind”.

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