This is the Rebroadcast of the April Communion Service with Pastor Chris. Watch as Pastor gives spiritual responses to important life questions that will help your Christian life produce better result.

God Bless You!

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  • Alice Nganga 6 years ago

    Thank you so much LTM. I appreciate having access to the rebroadcast of the Global services with our man of God.

  • Prince Anikpe 6 years ago

    Thank you sir for the word have change my life. Also I love this LTM web TV

  • abraham tetteh 5 years ago

    Please where can i watch night of bliss ghana,i did all i could but could not watch the night of bliss south Africa

  • Thank you so greatly Pastor Sir, my life is improving everyday hearing and following you Sir. Love so much Papa. À big Thank you to LTM.

  • LTM Web TV 5 years ago

    wonderful segment

  • Manaledi Sele 2 years ago

    What a blessing helped me to connect my notes with the pictures really an asset to me to relive the service accurately as I repeat the video