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Healing School Session eps1

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Sharon from Zimbabwe Healed of HIV

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Healing School Session eps2

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Healed of broken femur from a ghastly accident

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The ghastly accident in November was one that changed Jessibo’s life in a way he never expected. Although he survived, his life however was never the same. Sustaining a broken femur from the accident, he was unable to...

Healed of Multiple Miscarriages

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34-year- old Onicah wanted to have that feel of being a mother, and she longed to raise a baby of her own. But her aspirations were dashed as every attempt to get pregnant was unsuccessful. She suffered 6 miscarriages...

Healed of poor eyesight

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Clear and bright vision is vital for a wholesome life. However, there are many who are affected by eye sight defects, just like 42-year-old Gustav who had very poor eye sight. Being diagnosed with climate eyes in both...

Healed of systemic Lupus Erythmatosus

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Pheon Andrews from St Vincent suffered from a fatal disease called systemic lupus erythematosus. This was diagnosed in 2013

Healed of Multiple Myeloma

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In 2013, Gaylard developed severe chest pain which several doctors could not diagnose. In addition to that, he experienced pain in his left hip towards the end of 2014; also a tumor in his chest.  After seeing the do...

Beatrice healed of Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

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Healed of Stomach Ache

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Enter the Healing School eps3

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Healed of digestive problem, hypothyroidism and adrenal burnout

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Haarsha Balraj was diagnosed with digestive problem, hormonal disease, and adrenal burnouts, which made life almost unbearable for her....

Elvis Apleni Healed of Mental Illness

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Volunteer Medical Corps Online Conference

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Healed of primary infertility and a low sperm count

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Joy and anticipation filled the hearts of Mimi and Lazarus when they got married in 2007. They were going to start a family and share their love with children. However, it seemed that this would never be when, after s...

Healed of ligament degeneration

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In November 2014, Blessing felt a sharp pain in his knee which persisted for a while. In search of remedy for the knee pain, he got a prognosis of ligament degeneration. With this impediment, Blessing could no longer ...

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