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Healed of digestive problem, hypothyroidism and adrenal burnout

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Haarsha Balraj was diagnosed with digestive problem, hormonal disease, and adrenal burnouts, which made life almost unbearable for her....

Testimony from Debra

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Healed of systemic Lupus Erythmatosus

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Pheon Andrews from St Vincent suffered from a fatal disease called systemic lupus erythematosus. This was diagnosed in 2013

Healed of broken femur from a ghastly accident

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The ghastly accident in November was one that changed Jessibo’s life in a way he never expected. Although he survived, his life however was never the same. Sustaining a broken femur from the accident, he was unable to...

Nostash Healed of Tuberculosis of the Spine

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Healing to the nations eps 2

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PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME – Healing to the nation

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Healed of Multiple Myeloma

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In 2013, Gaylard developed severe chest pain which several doctors could not diagnose. In addition to that, he experienced pain in his left hip towards the end of 2014; also a tumor in his chest.  After seeing the do...

Rebecca Egenti Healed of Athritis of the Knee

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Healed of paraesthesia

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In 2012, Refilwe started experiencing pain on her left-hand side; she was unable to sleep on her affected side. When she went to the doctor, she was diagnosed with paraesthesia and numbness in her left-hand side. Refi...

Healing to the Nations- Central America

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Healed of torn meniscus of the knee

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55-year-old Constance fell on her left side with high heels on. This caused a sharp pain in her left ankle and an excruciating pain in both her knees, hips and back. She also had difficulty walking and she could neith...

ISM Conference Promo

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Healed of Stomach Ache

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Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris

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Healing to the Nations – Ministers from North Carolina

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Pastor David and his wife were awed at the miracles wrought in the name of Jesus at that Ministers’ Visitation Program of the Healing...

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