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Light House with Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 18

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As He is so are we in this world. If you want to know how to operate, function  and walk in this reality, click here to watch and gain more insight


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Pastor Archie Aseme – Light House Constructing your life episode-2

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Listen to Pastor Archie as he teaches us how to lay a Spiritual Foundation giving heed to the right principles in life.

Light House with Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 17

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We are made in his image and in his likeness and we have the ability to function like him. We are the God kind!!! Gain more insight.....

Light House with Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 24

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Click here to watch this insightful teaching by Pastor Archie Aseme

Light House With Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 20

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Your time with the word and the Holy Spirit is a time you program your future. Learn more on how you program your life.....

Out Pouring of The Holy Ghost, Episode-21

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Light House with Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 19

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There is a higher Life in Christ, a life of constant victory and unending success. All you need to partake of this life is to function at God's level with the God kind of Life. Learn more.....

Light House with Pastor Archie Aseme – Episode 21

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The most important personalities in your life are The Word and The Holy Spirit- Click here to watch how they help you succeed in life

The Heavenly Man, Episode-23

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Power & Affirmation p1eps1 – Pastor Archie

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Power & Affirmation p1 eps5 – Pastor Archie

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The Secret Place of The Most High, Episode-9

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Pastor Archie Aseme reveals to us that the secret place of the Most High is Christ. He continues to explain to us how to dwell in and maintain our safety in life.

The Heavenly Man – by Pst Archie Aseme

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LIGHT HOUSE with Pastor Archie Aseme episode 27

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The Blessed Of The Lord Part 1, Edit 1

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The Heavenly Man, Episode-22

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Christ in You – Part 1 by Pst Archie Aseme

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Associates of The God-Kind, Episode-15

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