Pastor Benny Hinn’s teaching on Your Loveworld live broadcast of Thursday 13th February 2020.

The renowned televangelist pointed our expanciate on revelations from the scriptures, comparing them to current happenings in the world today and their implications, before a live audience in the Loveworld studio USA and millions of viewers globally.  According to him the scripture listed 5 things that will happen before the coming of the lord, four has already happened and the fifth is currently happening

The clergy man reveal the signs in the order listed below

First Sign: The restoration of Israel (it has happened)

 Second Sign: The rise of Russia (it’s happening)

 Third: The restoration of Jerusalem (it has happened)

 Four: The coming together of European powers (it happening)

 Fifth: The increased of knowledge – according to Google sources, up to 19100 human knowledge -was doubling every 100 years, by 1945 it was doubling every 25 years, by 1982 every 13 months, today, 2020 its doubling every 12 hour .

Pastor Benny also read the prophecy of Jesus from the book of Mathew 24: 1 – 15 (KJV), Jesus’ prophetic declaration on the signs that shall precede His return.

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